Learning a new skill can be daunting as it often takes a lot of time. But being skilled feels so great that we don’t back down and we scour the internet for the best tips & advice on how to learn efficiently and effectively. On one of our searches, we stumbled upon business author Josh Kaufman. He wrote a bestselling book called “The First 20 Hours” in which he explains how you can learn a new skill in just 20 hours. That’s just half a working week, sweet!

Josh: “My research is focused on helping you move through the early phases of skill acquisition as quickly as possible, allowing you to learn anything with less effort and frustration.” Yeah Josh, talk to us!

Learning a new skill in no-time

In his book, Josh explains his formula for learning a new skill in just 20 hours. It consists of four steps:

  1. Deconstruct the skill you want to learn, break the skill up into smaller and more manageable pieces
  2. Start with learning enough so you can practice and self-correct
  3. Remove barriers that stop you from practicing, so step away from the internet people!
  4. Practice the skill for a least 20 hours!

In his TedTalk Josh demonstrates the effectiveness of his formula by playing the ukelele, a skill he claims to have mastered in only 20 hours. Watch it below.

Disclaimer: We haven’t actually tried it ourselves yet but we thought it was interesting enough to share!