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Werken bij Konnektid iets voor jou?

Een sneakpreview van werken bij Konnektid. Samen bouwen aan een nieuwe marktplaats voor educatie betekent elke dag weer een nieuwe uitdaging! Ook iets voor jou?

Amsterdam shares its brainpower

Amsterdam was named ‘the first European sharing city’ in February 2015 and it is truly living up to its title. The people of this multicultural and vibrant city are going beyond sharing cars and power tools and are now sharing their brainpower as well. Over 1.500 ‘Amsterdammers’ are already offering to share their knowledge and skills with their neighbors.

5 amazing talks from TedXAMS Education

On the 26th of March, the seeds for an Education (R)evolution were planted during TedX Amsterdam Education. It was the third time the event was organized, and we were lucky enough to be invited. It was an inspiring day with great speakers and an eager audience consisting of teachers, educators, education entrepreneurs and students.